Chemistry in the Oil Industry Series

Chemistry in the Oil Industry XII: Innovative Chemistry: Value, Risks and Rewards

In 2013 it will be thirty years since the first Chemistry in the Oil Industry symposium and so it seemed pertinent to take a brief look back at the chemistry applied in the oilfield in the 1980s and compare it with chemistry and chemicals in use now and prospects for the future. Influences like "risk" and "impact" assessment which are both strong HS and E (legislative) subjects and are highly influential now were barely considered 30 years ago. Today assessments of risk and impact often affect product ion, deployment, measurement (instrumentation) and monitoring (techniques/case studies) Continue reading

Chemistry in the Oil Industry XI: Regulation Meets Innovation - Moving Forward

The primary objective of the symposium is to showcase new chemistry albeit within an increasingly regulated marketplace. REACH and OSPARCOM Regulations are with us and two sessions of the symposium will focus on what the current regulations are and some of the thinking behind how legislation may develop in the future. Meeting REACH requirements can be very expensive for raw material producers, formulators and end-rs and speakers will show how companies can work in SIEFs and Consortia to minimize the cost of their businesses becoming REACH compliant. Continue reading

Chemistry in the Oil Industry X - Oilfield Chemistry: REACHing the Solution

Are you concerned about the implications of the REACH Regulations for the continued use of production chemicals? Is compliance with recent changes to the Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme causing difficulties? Come and learn the latest developments in these significant challenges for the Oil Industry with experts in the field including regulatory authorities at Chemistry in the Oil Industry X Continue reading

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